About Me



I am an Italian Interior and Product designer. I started out in the fashion world, studying design and always knew I would be designing in my career. My path changed when I met, a now, very close family friend who was an Interior Designer and introduced me to this side of design. She encouraged me to explore within the design world and I gained confidence and began to see links between the fashion sector and interior design sector, which I still believe today. My first interior design related project was designing textiles for a Milanese company. I shadowed the design director and traveled to turkey where the fabrics were produced, learning about every aspect of the production process. After a few years and small projects here and there, I evolved into an independent designer. It so happened that I met my now Husband, 10 years, ago who was working in textiles and together we put our backgrounds and experiences together and began our design firm. So you could say that Love was the catalyst that triggered and transformed my career path changing to what it is now.

The interior design world is constantly evolving and so I constantly find my passion re-ignited, whether it be a new trend, the launch of a new product or the discovery of some hidden forgotten gem (which in milan there are many). I am so inspired by and follow the lives of classic designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Gio Ponti and Karl Lagerfeld, all whose careers didn’t run smooth but self-belief and bravery in their visions, led them to the success they now are so legendary for.

I am always fully involved in the design process of residential and commercial projects as well as the products we design in our studio. Seeing those ideas and inspirations go from a sketch on a cafe napkin to a completed home or a piece in my hands, its truly the most fulfilling thing about this job.